Wealthy Affiliate & my monthly payment

When you think no one cares, you keep up with what you’re doing most of the time because you care. That was the result of how I felt with my delay from PayPal to wealthy affiliate.

My chosen payment method from PayPal was to use my American Express card to pay my monthly bill.

This is how the confusion began……

I went into my Gmail and PayPal account searching for the previous bill paid to Wealthy Affiliate. I know now that going back and forth was useless. Nevertheless, I toggled between clicks in my PayPal account to find two different email as to paying my bill.

I wasn’t clueless as to going to my Wealthy Affiliate account to see how to pay. I went there and got lost too. I somehow forgot where to go in my account. Although later I was able to find that out.

I know you didn’t think I was going to leave God out of this post. He had a plan all along. Behold PayPal lets me know by email that I sent my payment to an unreliable source on Feb 5, 2018, During 2 weeks from that day, Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and I would email each other periodically.

On Feb 20, 2018, my account at WA was officially closed, due to nonpayment. During my wait, I was being pursued by my now boyfriend. I kid you not! I have pushed, prayed and thought it over quite a bite. I am entertained for the moment.

You would want your time put in online marketing to be spent wisely.

I was able to access my account during my ordeal. You also would want to keep in touch with the newcomers to the site which helps your ranking. As an affiliate, I got updates as to how to stay in contact with Kyle for help. That 49.00 a month is so worth it cause of the overload of information to influence my site is needed. I was so relieved to have my account paid so that I could share this with you guys.

I have a testimony to tell. I have wanted to buy rose gold earrings with honest carrots in them. We all know those aren’t cheap. But with God all things are possible.

Hebrews 11:6 King James Version (KJV)
6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

I waited and I have them now. You see I paid the bill though it was stuck in limbo I was given money in between that time to take care of many more things unnamed. That’s when God had me except what I had prayed for and used it for his will.

4 Ways to Identify Relationship Killers and ADHD

The truth is that leaving you partner feeling as though they’ve been taken for granted is the # one relationship killer.

I’m number one

But if your love has these traits and it’s not working out, it could be because they have AAHD.

#1 Break Up Often

I’m all up for getting to know a man whom is attractive and out going especially if he feels the same way about me. But be warned I suspect of you all ready if you don’t do what you say you going to do. Men sometimes give you information that to you can’t use. Like, I will be over to pick you up at 7 pm which turns into 10 pm. Let’s be honest, if you truthful then I’m receptive to that and I will be honest. It’s definitely not a pleasure to find that he thinks that you don’t know that he’s married.

They want to spend minutes with you per week or day, certain time of day, and no week ends that’s for the Wife. Now if you disclose that you have prior offenses but leave out that you have severe trust issues there will be an ending close by. If per se you find you clothing or anything of value of yours on the lawn, in the pool/ river, on fire in a garbage dump or on another lover than that also is a good sign.

If you,, pay close attention you can spot it fairly soon. There are different verities of ADHD most that have it are quite smart. You might think things are working out in you favor but they are like the under dogs. They win.

#2 On Your Terms

From a female point of view I value trust. Mainly I value it because I yeah me have swum in the ocean of break-ups. I just wanted to be able to say “Aha” before he did that’s it. Not really but, I did take them seriously. I start all my relationships with trust and previously ended them with relief. I’m open to first dates, getting to know you and or reminiscing. But by the end of the day I want my best friend to be the one I’m with. I believe you’re giving me you love all to some degree. You’ll get an A for effort if you get pass six months.

I can’t compete with non family lovers. I have one of those so if you don’t like yours, I’m ff not sorry and I also won’t let you pour on my parade by being negative about mine. If you, love, down right putting out “Game” I’m hoping foremost that you’ve prayed about it first. I don’t want you to make a fool of yourself. Think rationally.

#3 Non Creative

You can’t begin to imagine the irony of seeing the person that you thought was all yours with someone else but it happens. Movies are made off the normal chaos of our societies. I don’t doubt that the colorful attitudes that come with negative behaviors are a loud with humor. I mean flat out teared up til you jaw hurts a little and you have to grab at it as if it were about to fall off.

You expect to be treated with dignity but sometimes they don’t get that. I’ve been spiteful in the past with men whom can’t keep the moment new. What I mean is you can go on dates, the beach, spend time with friends. That’s normal yeah normal. Fun is the optimal word here. Like Taco Bell ” Think outside the bun.”

Realistically speaking let’s go camping, meet the family in a different state, fix my car and give me insight on how to make money with it. It’s best you stay on you love toes pointing as to what’s next. Excited, Yes I am. Something to look forward to cause if it gets dull you better believe break-ups are not hard to come by when you’re with someone who has ADHD.

#4 Over Estimating The Outcome

Choose to accept who you are first. Would you like to be with someone who challenges you for the better of yourself or the average Joe who makes you feel like you’ve just settled for the worst. When you’ve calculated the difference between these two objectives you’ll find that you might have to be willing to change and commit to it to some degree. It may leave you suggesting improvement on their part or to yourself. Have an open mind to keep the moments you share imperfectly spontaneous.

No one likes it period when either party implant ideas of future engagements and never follow through on them. In hence the clause ” Treat people how you want to be treated ” is implied here. He or she is worth the risk because you not all relationships have to end negative. You did you love best, they probably wanted to give their best but like my sister used to say ” There are more fish in the sea.”


The Wrap Up

Gratefulness is seen and heard around the world, in magazines, on television even in books etc. Certainly entertain the concept of being grateful toward each other. Whether if you single or divorced you’ve got all the opportunity to try a new approach to dating. There’s online, in person, random and my least favorite referred by a friend, a colleague, roommate or family member.

When you reach this point don’t lay a foundation on to the take it or leave it mindset. If you, must create boundaries then let it be known. Communication is highly proficient at this stage of you relationship status. Friendship is not hard to find, you know. I’ve always been told to be myself so you can do the same. Be you unapologetic self and who knows maybe they will fall head over hills for you.


Muscle spams- Truck Driving

I,m self educating myself on the next opportunity of success in truck driving and the practical harm it can and will do on my beautiful body.

Driving Solo

The painful things in life aren’t serious sometimes. Except when it happens to me! Back in June 2017, I went shopping for a backpack. But what I found was a rod waiting to meet my head on aisle 2. I was stunned, disoriented, mad, confused and piss offed. The attendant was rude and impatient. However, she knew she had to make a report of my ordeal. At that time having the spasms didn’t give notice to making my life manageable without medication and therapy.

I remember stopping from pulling out of a drive way mid reverse to close the truck of my car. Upon getting back into my vehicle, you know the sitting position, my hands, back, legs and my feet would not let me move. They braced my inner body, pinning it to its self. People were staring at me, I admit I got teary-eyed a little. Yet I realized that I still could drive; I just needed to take my Aleve. Not needing to take food with it was convent but it only lasted for 6 hours or fewer. The realness of my situation didn’t hit me full force but God took into account all the necessary changes I would need to make.

Resource Calculation

I’ve concluded what my future will be like. I won’t be still that’s for certain even with pain I’m still meDoing it

I won’t forget trapping all that information from websites, speakers, and family in reference to building my brand through trucking. I went on the website for Prime Trucking in Springfield, Missouri https://www.primeinc.com/#home and found that it was good. The page was easy to navigate, highly appealing and informative. Though I had heard of Road Master I hadn’t been to their website but I did contact their office and felt the answers I received from the questions I asked were adequate. I had spoken to a pastor from my neighborhood. He disclosed that the best action for me to from any direction I took should be a starting point then to go it alone.

I took his plan at heart and it greatly affected my overall outcome of me going. Had chosen Prime because I had spoken to a family member and they told me some main important HOW To I was hoping for. Which is that Prime will send you a buss pass to get there, put you up in a hotel and while you in training feed you 3 meals a day. WHAT!! I was impressed then I heard from them again and they were speaking of pain from a previous situation. It shocked me in that moment as I heard it through the telephone, but God! He then stated you “know I’m going to be alright “!

Walking it out too!

Most recently I’ve been moving boxes and bags from 4 locations within 2 days. I feel like it could count for some weight I would have to feel from doing trucking and OH! I hurt a lot but I have had some bed rest (need some more). My family did say that 6 days working one day off or something like that was it. As A matter of fact when I had first gotten my car I went on these long driving distances cause I was looking for a better place of employment. I got lost looking for one in Clearwater, FL and even though I located the office on my way back I felt beat.

As I sat in McDonalds eating a full course meal another office called and I was hired but it was hour away from my home. I know being a driver is not my lifetime destiny but it’s a piece of it. I have taken into account all the possible many notions from my belief in Jesus Christ. Even in being dismayed and distracted I can’t seek him not because I’m counting on him to get me through this. They might know my story but he does. Well………………. He can handle it.

Educate Messanger

Steady on this course and I won’t be swayed. That pastor told me “You can do that right here” ! I told him that ” I’m going to come back or I might stay”. But truly it’s up to God his will be done whether night or day to all believers. Jesus say’s it’s time to go its time do just that. He gives me plenty of time to weigh it out. Although, one aught to be walking in truth, it may seem to others that God might just be handling anything else. He does say lean not unto your own understanding Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding.

I’m Grateful for all Input but if I don’t go, how will I know if its sweet as it could be. I once went to a temp agency to be a construction helper and I was dismissed because I was considered prissy by another of the same status. I removed myself because I had read on the business wall that I need tools and I had none. Years later not only do I have those tools but more. I might be pretty but watch me do it and then some!


All that you don’t do stands out whole lot in the negativity of the world today. What some can’t see sometimes is your faith but bright days are just around the corner. Mm, I will keep you all updated because I won’t be going until the spring. I will just have to keep you all posted as to what is coming up next from me. I won’t forget to seek and find what’s adventurous because that’s how we connect and communicate to others what’s the best or what’s not. To Be continued…………….





Continuing Education Easy : Personal Benefits

Some mistakes from the stand point of education can lead to the cost of regrets. Even with paid options like books or dvds, can be over whelming without proper guidance. How we acquire information today through technology makes continuing education easy which does include personal benefits. See why you can be on this path for yourself.

INTL Air & Hospitality Academy

Online Verses, On Location

I want to be a flight attendant later in life. I took the route of on location because of a longing for change of scenery. The flowers in Vancouver, WA are poetic to smell. As your walking down the street you will be like ” What’s that smell ? ” It reminded me of that Gain laundry commercial. Inlt Air & Hospitality Academy is a wonderful school for flight attendants. However, the cost for lodging is 9,000 and the educational material received was 11,00 worth of weekly quizzes, dramatizations, YouTube videos, field trips with speakers from graduated student and hiring airline professionals.

Either way you wouldn’t want to come back with a 10,000 dept to drag around. I got hired at the airport in my home town a few months after coming home to get my foot in the door. Before I left, I was able to sit down with the financial staff and was given the run down of how my loan would kick in 6 months after I graduated. Liberation has set its eyes on me and though I’m at the rim, I’ve invested my time into online education cause it gives me free time. Also, being with one on the way has its up and comings.

Didn’t take long to find out about Udemy.com where most classes are free or 12.00 and up on a variety of subjects. Open2study.com is another site that can get you started in your quest for up to date education on many subjects and there free such as Negotiating Practices and Entrepreneurship and Family Business. The best sources for  knowledge  is TradingPub.com, this website tells you about how business work, how to use application,professional articles, pdf downloads and more.

No-profit, to Gaining Profit

Before the venture into online marketing I was a lonely, day to day, paycheck to paycheck living kind of girl. Then I fasted and prayed and HE SHOWED OUT. CrossOver Church in Tampa fl is where I began my recent experience in sales. Though its on sundays I am learning alot from working in the HipHop Shop.The best part of being in sales is getting to know people and hearing about their point of views.You want to be able to listen to others with your mind on ease. Using both ears, eyes and open body language can help you acheive that.

Mostly as to being on the site of TradingPub.com I was downloading content to my email and printing constantly. I had the opportunity to do this while being employed at Tampa Inlt Airport and working in the baggage claim office. I filed claims, made calls to individuals in reference to picking up their luggage or where it could be picked up and had to speak face to face with many to calm them from the disappearance of their luggage. I studied and highlighted what I printed until I found my calling to let others know and grow. When you feel the need to move up in knowledge to be able to help others grab it and hold on. It can only get better from there.

Print of PDF. 

I am a writer. You know it for sure when you catch yourself writing on the back of knapkins or on important documents. I wanted to go the school for it but my life is anything but usual. You may like getting advice from mom, pop or maybe your cousin but I wait it out. I took my time printing at the airport because I was at work getting paid to print and listen. Flexibility is key here. Once I checked out some law books out from my public library and forgot to take them back.

They gave me a hefty fee for forgetting to turning them in. Though, you wouldn’t want any dept from your library cause then you couldn’t check out books or movies . Fast forward to the present Ebooks are a new love of my own because there is no fee attached to it. You can download almost anything from online today in the form of a PDF. It’s cool too if you can print in color. I’m not there yet but I will be. You can do it this way just copy paste on to Microsoft word and bingo. You’ll find my Ebook on a webpage near you in the future.

Conscious, Decision to Skim Back.

When you see others in life doing better than you, you don’t you ask yourself “Will I act like that?” If you don’t know I will explain. Know that that everyone doesn’t know you but you want to be like them just a little. I’ve heard LET GO & LET GOD and other like phrases but when should you reject that thoughtful question. I would agree that in the next moment would be great because you can acknowledge that He can do anything. I gave my life to Christ as a child,as it was my mothers decision.

Later he found me in my sin and removed it and again and again he comes forward to give you his promise for your life. He made that claim on my life NOV 4 2018 and wrote it on my heart. Collected fears are being pushed away and yielded back from my future, he carry’s a torch to prove his glory.  I am a writer. I write notes, lyrics, poems and essays. Book are coming cause you cant hold back when your not afraid anymore. Not because of what others might say about you but because its supernatural. Let him write it on your heart!

Invest Your Time

Well, that’s the best way I know how to stay in sight and focused. Besides being healthy and able to give to others I would suggest doing what you love that way you cant possibly get bored. Seems less inciting do what you don’t like but I have found that sometimes its the challenges that  I don’t want to face. Thank the Lord their so far apart that I have time to change my mind about how I will react.

Only ways to invest are prayer, fasting, reading, studying, assisting, attending and praising never fails. I once heard a young man claim that he had heard that he had to kneel every time he prayed. Whoo! thank you for my father all he ask for is praise and obedience. Well I positioned myself to say ” Prayer changes things.” He stated ” I’m not a Christian!'” my heart sanked but I  listened to his belief of the opposite and asked him for his name. Faith of a mustard seed is all he needs. Knowing the meaning Christianity was enough  for us to meet that day.





Just Getting Started

Just getting started,https://myeasyeducation.com/createaccount
I’m going to dig in as hard as I can.

I want to be influenced by the creators and the newcomers as well. Being part of a team has made me stronger since my early years in customer service. My potential will be great because of my effort. I strive for continuing education at a reasonable price. Not to mention the keeping of my own finances. I want the many who come to my site to be moved by the commitment to their growing of knowledge from my research and postings. Not hiding behind a notable title is my campaign. I’ve held jobs that I never though I could have. Mostly those positions were granted by patience.

Notice the Change
As I look back I realize that I leaned more from  being social and emailing.

I began to accept my employment shift in my young adult life but customer service is every where and so is writing. I am not a medical doctor but I have worked as a Home Health Aide and studied as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). As a HHA I was able to sit with clients and hear about their challenges for 4 years. At this time in my life I was prepared because of my knowledge of studying as a CNA. Keeping up with the Jonese is implied here, not the movie but the expression.

I didn’t so much as keep up with my English studies as to my social studies however I have been brushing up on them along the way. Technology plays a part here too. Proper emailing techniques are a skill I have come to learn effectively. Using such platforms like Microsoft Word and keeping up with the versions is helpful to gain employment. I protect my writing of songs and will publish them one day. You might not like to become a writer but if you work at it it will transform others and even your self.

Get It Now or Pass
Note, that change takes time.

If you want to build anything you will have to learn about first.I will become a successful Entrepreneur! I didn’t know I could do this when I first became an employee. I knew as one that I could build revenue but what else. There just had to be more, I thought. Working in fast food has its advantages.

  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Teamwork
  • Stability
  • Purchase Shares ( some employers)
  • Open own location and many other advantages unmentioned

But It’s not for everyone. I had many chances in this arena. I got hired as an cashier ( my first Job) at Miami Subs. I wasn’t informed of my of the duties for the position I applied for. I mean I put in a application and spoke with the manager, they called my home and I reported for work a few days later. What I didn’t know was that I would be cleaning restrooms too. I was cut off guard! I got hired at McDonald’s. My first day was a call no show cause I over slept. Its a short scare but like I wrote, it’s not for everyone.

Keep the Faith
Volunteering is a favorite of mine.

I only do it for reasons of my own like when I worked at Volunteers of America. I would help residents with computer knowledge and or searching the web. Church is also a good place to stretch my love of helping others. I extend my service of being social at events we hold at Cross Over.

I work at the Hip Hop Shop because I have much experience from behind the register from being employed by Wynn Dixie, Walmart, Family Dollar and Party City. These employers were fair but my position in retail was inconsistent. What my result is giving my knowledge to help my church families. Though I use caution in joining my choir I hopeful it will be a good adjustment to my belief. I am equipped to learn what is useful for me and others. My hope is what ever a person decides to grasp from MYEASYEDUCATION.COM I want them to be empowered to pass it on.

Pauline Journey


MY Easy Education is here to give you the connections to educational knowledge that you need to further the career of your choice. Plus you will be able to learn from different aspects of everyday life experiences through Jesus Christ. It’s a decision that I’m sure you are glad that you made. Hold on for the ride of you life because risks such as these have great rewards. Getting to know different people from traveling can be one of them.

My Journey

Like most, when I grew up I want to be a veterinarian. Then in my teenage years, I got chased by two big dogs on separate occasions. It made me totally change my mind. I started out in fast food in 1996 at Miami Subs. That didn’t stick so I moved on to Party City, was late to a Saturday morning meeting at am. Needless to say I was let go.

I didn’t gripe about it I was 16 years old. I pursued venture into Winn Dixie as a customer service associate and what I found is that I like it. I went on to get hired in a number of other like jobs all through the early 2000’s. I worked in telemarketing too. RSVP Research services, they had me makes call to collect survey information for cocoa cola or stride gum. I enjoyed that job too but I kept needing to do classes on rebuttals, which I hated.

I left that employer with the feeling that it was easy but not worth my time. You think I would have remembered that in 2017. I stayed in the customer service field because I enjoy helping others. I get this glow of gratefulness to do it again. I respectfully consider the person I’m speaking to to be genuine in his/her telling me of how their  day is going. Whether I’m behind a counter or on the sales floor.

Which brings me to Walmart 2007, I was a cashier and an overnight stock associate. I worked in the men’s department and occasionally the babies’ department. I’ve taken my desire to travel to getting a certificate to become a Flight Attendant from INTL Air & Hospitality Academy in Vancouver, WA. Got me a job at Tampa INTL Airport as a Passenger Service Representative.

I won’t stop here either, my purpose to grow in knowledge has inspired me to pass it on. If I must do both this in person and online then so be it. We are not designed to just give up. Education is a motivating fleet empowering young and older minds to keep going.

Here for You Because

I want to help others threw educational growth because it matters to me

Wondrous Mind At Work

that they do succeed. Once I lived in a neighborhood where all my neighbors ever did would sit on their porch, play music or yell at each other from across their lawns. I wanted  them to reach their desires of advancement but I was limited on knowledge. I read books, attended seminars, visited website after website and I found that its available but scattered.

You may have done the average things in life like grade school, college or technical schools. Some feel that isn’t enough cause you don’t initially get exactly what your looking for. You get the bases or the what that one particular person (teacher, presenter, professor) feels or says. Don’t you want be able to walk away with what you want not what they say you should have?

Whether is for-profit or not, being able to choose for self advancement is in your control. The power to add to your portfolio of courses, classes, certificate, degrees, opening a chain of businesses or websites is you choice. Know that benefiting from low cost education can be a motivating process for change to anyone who desires differences.

What You Can Walk Away With

The overall achievement that I want is for everyone to be able to know that education doesn’t have to cost $25,620 or more. Websites and businesses that I will post about will be able to get you to a place (set at you own pace) to grow in the field you are in or one that you want to move to. Resource are available and ready. You can or don’t have to have an associate, bachelor or master’s degree.

You must be committed at least to believe that it’s possible to influence yourself. You’re more than capable to handling it on you own. Tools to shape a better outcome is what MY Easy Education is giving you. Take advantage of our help and reap the rewards that belong to you and your path. Make ready for you chance to overcome you barriers, it begins now.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Pauline Jackson